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how pure is your water?...

...choose filtercite

Anthracite filter media made in Wales from
100% pure natural Welsh anthracite  
what is filtercite?

  • Made in Wales from 100% pure natural Welsh anthracite.

  • Stringent quality control from source to finished product.

  • Secure long term supply from Wales’s largest anthracite
    producer Celtic.

  • Welsh Celtic anthracite has been proven to be the
    benchmark water purifying anthracite quality globally for over 50 years.

  • Welsh Celtic anthracite is considered to be the premium
    quality in the world.

  • Meets and exceeds the European EN12909 and the
    American AWWA B100 standard.

  • NSF part 61 Accredited.

  • The principals have in excess of 90 years experience in
    the anthracite and filter media industry.

  • Celtic is the biggest producer of prime Welsh anthracite. 

  • Long term supply assured.

who are we?

Filtercite is the primary producer of Celtic Welsh Anthracite filter media, with years of experience.

A trusted product from a brand new high capacity and environmentally friendly production and distribution centre in the heart of the Welsh anthracite coalfield.

what we do.

We have a proven established process that will ensure perfect quality every time. The plant produces a crushed product, precisely sized to meet customer’s specific requirements, processed via a brand new state of the art purpose built facility that is powered by renewable energy. We supply all sizes and quantities from a 10kg to a 1.5 tonne bag in any volume, using our state of the art fully automatic robotic packing plant. Shipments can be arranged worldwide.

  • Meets and exceeds the European EN12909 and the American AWWA B100 standard.

  • NSF part 61 Accredited..

suppliers to.

Sewage Treatment

Drinking Water Plants

Industrial Purification

Waste Water Treatment

Surface Water Treatment


Petrochemical Applications

Metalurgical Industries

Desalination Plants


The principals have in excess of 90 years combined experience within the anthracite and filter media industry.

Lester Isaac

Sales Manager

A well-known, respected and highly qualified engineer in the filter media field with 25 years’ experience in producing high quality anthracite and filter media and having established various businesses in the filter media environment. 

Alan Davies


A successful entrepreneur and owner of DJ.Davies Fuels and various other companies with a 45 year career in the energy industry. Alan has experience in the Solid Fuel, Fuel Oil and Renewable Energy sectors plus Packaging
and Distribution. 

Richard Walters


A successful entrepreneur in mining, property, construction, leisure and renewables and owner of Celtic, the UK’s leading producer of premium Welsh anthracite. Welsh Celtic anthracite has been the proven benchmark filter media for over 50 years.

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